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Homeless Couple Puts Homeless Veterans First

Homeless couple Todd and Priscilla Olshefski are focused on getting their nonprofit up and running to help Illinois veterans with housing and assistance.

Lombard, IL – June 26th, 2018 A new nonprofit is coming together in the Lombard area with the focus on helping to find housing and assist military veterans in Indiana. Veteran’s Christian Network has big plans to purchase homes and remodel them to allow homeless vets and their families to have an opportunity to get on their feet and find their place in civilian life. The nonprofit is still in its startup state, but co-founders Todd and Priscilla Olshefski are no strangers to helping homeless vets.

The organization was started after Todd had a childhood friend return from service with an unrecognizable demeanor. The friend eventually stumbled on the path of drugs and alcohol only to find himself homeless. After months of living on the streets, he finally decided to reach out to his long-time friend for help. Todd and Priscilla stepped in to find him a safe place to stay and took care of his major bills until he was able to take over financially. With their help, he was able to go to meetings and doctors for his drug and alcohol problems, create stability in his life, and start his own company that’s still open today.

After seeing how giving someone a little faith and financial help can turn someone’s life around, the couple decided that they wanted to form their own nonprofit that is focused on assisting veterans in the same way they helped their friend. The organization is named Veterans Christian Network and will help in a variety of ways including paying for utility bills and rent assistance, helping to find affordable housing, formatting a proper resume and helping to find a job. Veterans Christian Network is truly dedicated to assisting veterans and their families.

Veterans Christian Network co-founder, Todd Olshefski, and his wife Priscilla are working hard to fund raise for the organizations first big purchase: an office space. Currently, the two themselves are homeless and working hard regularly to solicit donations from the side of the road. They have already rented an office building and are working toward their goal of opening the office for at least support groups and supportive services to job seekers for the families of our veterans. Todd Olshefski says, “We’re working hard to put our veterans first, even if it means we’re still homeless for the time being.”

They are looking to work with other non-profit organizations in the local area.  All they wish to do is to provide our veterans and their families the best possible services and teaming up with other nonprofits is the correct way to make it happen. Veterans Christian Network cannot do it on their own and having the other nonprofits work with them can bring a lot of support to our veterans and their families.